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07-06-2007, 11:51 AM
My friend is going to london next week and was going to go to the Bape store. I was going to give him money and he was going to get me something. Do you think that they will have any hoodies or anything there?

07-06-2007, 11:52 AM
Sleeveless only I'd guess.

07-06-2007, 11:58 AM
I asked them yesterday and he said not until September.

07-06-2007, 03:03 PM
Check Smithy's update pics mate for a better idea. tees, short sleeve shirts, polos, jeans, accessories. And stas of course.

07-06-2007, 06:03 PM
They might still have some xl and up items left, like half/half camo. But even that was at least a month ago when he said they still had some. They won't have them on display now, just behind the doors with all the stock in, if they have any at all.