View Full Version : Og Ice Cream Shock Problem

01-03-2007, 12:57 AM
you guys i just noticed that everytime i wear my og d&d or beeper or dice ice creams i get a lot of shock..like i touch metal and i get CRAZY shocked... you parents and brother say it because the shoe has really cheap rubber...anyone else have or noticed this problem?

01-03-2007, 01:29 AM
Lol that's a first, pretty funny but I have no idea why it's doing that :P

01-03-2007, 05:43 AM
hmmmm, i was in the trafford centre with my OG's on and i touched those metal railings and did get shocked.
could be a coincidence but i dont know mate,

01-03-2007, 12:49 PM
yea when i first got em... it did happen but it dissapeared

01-03-2007, 01:04 PM
static shock occurs mostly in the winter because the air is so dry, which makes your skin try and makes you more suscepticle to getting a static shock. happens to me in the winter all the time. its not your shoes. i hope...

01-03-2007, 02:02 PM
try wearing a fake icecreamfor a while.......get the results :)

01-03-2007, 10:43 PM
Damn ima rock my dice flavor too and see what happen... then ill try it with my beepers when they get hear... hmm sounds interesting...

01-04-2007, 12:23 PM
this is retarded

01-07-2007, 12:00 AM
dont pump gas withem on

01-07-2007, 01:06 PM
OH MAN! crazy

Mr.Me Too
01-07-2007, 01:44 PM
that sounds crazy u should sue them

01-07-2007, 11:26 PM
if u sue them dont forget to call me, cuz i want $ too....lolz.