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Kaneshiro denied!

Posted 11-02-2008 at 07:30 AM by Yom
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Recent news from Taiwan regarding one of my favourite actors, Takeshi Kaneshiro who has been disqualified from the very respected Taiwan Film Awards, The Golden Horse Film Awards

The organizers of Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film Awards on Friday disqualified actor Takeshi Kaneshiro from competing for a special prize recognizing local talent.

Kaneshiro, star of a string of successful Hong Kong movies including the critically acclaimed “Chungking Express” and more recently the epic “The Warlords,” had been nominated as Taiwanese filmmaker of the year.

But organizers of the awards said he was not eligible as he was a Japanese citizen.

“The jury is not sloppy in the nomination process ... although we revoke Mr Kaneshiro’s nomination, we still acknowledge his achievement in Chinese cinema,” they said in a statement defending the move.

Kaneshiro was born to a Japanese father and a Taiwanese mother and raised in Taiwan, but is a Japanese citizen.

The decision left only two nominees—director We Te-sheng of the hit romance “Cape No. 7” and veteran lighting designer Li Long-yu—vying for the Taiwanese filmmaker of the year award.

The Golden Horse Awards are styled on the U.S. Academy Awards but are decided by a jury along the lines of the Cannes film festival.

Sounds like a poor excuse to not allow anyone linked to Japan win a Taiwan film award to me.

There have been several other films where people have expressed their opinions that Takeshi should have been nominated.

Director Peter Chan, of the Chinese musical Perhaps Love, which Kaneshiro starred in, has been quoted as saying "I am willing to exchange my 11 nominations for the nomination of Takeshi for Best Actor award. My greatest regret is Takeshi Kaneshiro wasn't nominated."

I guess now we know why?

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Most of you will know Takeshi from The House Of Flying Daggers, but has a large list of films on his résumé.

Coming from mixed parentage (Japanese and Taiwanese) he was bullied at school, so decided to enroll himself in a English language school in Taipei, and now Kaneshiro can speak with varying degrees of fluency in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese language. This has allowed him to have a very successful film career in Japan and China

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One of my personal favourite films of his is a Japanese film called The Returner, from 2002. Check out this trailer


His latest film, co-starring with the great Tony Leung, is Red Cliff.

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From director John Woo, this looks awesome!


Check out his IMDB

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