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  1. Dubzsta
    Yo Clive

    How iz ya..Hope lifes treatin' ya OK...

    Stilll buying music...How things have changed...Cant remember the last track I bought over the counter...long time...how things change.. Spent about 2/3rds of my life in record shops...now just pure download action...Don't get me wrong I love the "ease" of picking up new stuff, It's just lost some of its feel, hunting down promos', ASH & Mrs Pink (Blackmarket) telling u to hang about cos something "big" is just about to come in etc etc.. Anyway thatís the end of my nostalgia trip

    The reason for my mail is that I am listing some stuff on the marketplace and have run into a couple of probs...First ly my fault I listed some items in the wrong size thread so can you delete that pls (I have recreated it now in the correct size thread)..Also have probs with the pics.

    I also have some other items that I want to sell Silly Thing x Unkle X Futura + Futura X Stussy 30th T & Bape Reversible Hoody but it saying that I can only create one thread per day...Is this correct..

    As always...my appreciated

    Speak soon

    Carl (Dubzsta)
  2. crs-1
    Merry Xmas hope all is good

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